What does Cash, Surety or Appearance mean?

Cash means money is posted in the full amount of the bond to the Clerk of Courts and is returned from the courts to the poster of the bond.

Surety is a bond posted by an insurance agent (bail bondsman) with a 10% cash deposit of the full bond to the bail bond company. No money is refundable to the depositor and the full amount is owed to the court if the defendant fails to appear.

Appearance is when someone can pay the 10% to th Clerk of Courts and the money is returned to the depositor at the satisfaction and completion of the case and bond.

Do you accept EBT, food stamps, crypto currencies?

No, Cash or Credit Card only. Payment plans if applicant qualifies.

Does your office close?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are available most of the time, but do need rest. The main line will forward to somebody if an emergency does arise.