FianZa Bail Bonds

   We are a company located in Columbus, Ohio – however we are not limited to Columbus. We serve all of Ohio and are very flexible people.

   We do not believe in posting the bond and walking away, we will be with you throughout the entire process. You can call us day or night with questions or concerns and we will always be     available to answer. 

   We understand that life is not always easy, so our goal is to make this bump in the road as smooth as possible. We have been around the court system for many years, some of us for over a decade, and we understand the entire process and that even good people land in hard situations.

 995 S. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43206
Office: (614) 641-7720
Fax: (614) 386-0165
Jail Line: (614) 579-5806

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Real people understanding real situations…